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Personal Injury

What is Personal Injury Insurance?

Accidents. We never see them coming.

But you can be better prepared with the right personal accident insurance policy. Personal Injury Insurance is designed to offer some peace of mind to members, participants and volunteers of an organisation by having protection for certain costs related to an injury sustained whilst involved in an insured’s activity.

Coverage Limits & Excess

Capital Benefits

$250,000 maximum
$15,000 maximum (Under 18)

Non-Medicare Medical Expenses

75% reimbursement
$3,500 maximum per claim ($100 Excess)

Loss of Income

80% up to maximum $350 per week
$3,500 maximum per claim
14 day elimination period
52 week benefit period

Injury Assistance

$1,500 maximum limit per claim

Personal Accident insurance provides coverage for injuries sustained whilst participating in an activity under the following circumstances:

  • An official match or training session
  • Traveling to and from an official club activity
  • Participation in an official club function
  • Tours or representative matches

Public Liability - provides you with cover in the event of death or permanent disability. Refer to your Programme Summary for full benefit details and limits.

Non-Medicare Medical Benefits - provides reimbursement for items that are not claimable in any way through Medicare. Due to legislation, this does not include the Medicare Gap.

Loss of Income Cover - (where included) provides reimbursement of a claimants’ weekly income. Please refer to your Programme Summary for full benefit details and limits.

Capital Benefit - a participant loses permanent sight in one eye due to a ball hitting him. The claimant can claim for permanent disablement under this section

Non-Medicare Medical Benefits - a participant requires a knee reconstruction resulting from a sporting injury. A claim can be made through this section of the policy for items not covered in part by Medicare.

Loss of Income(where covered by the sport) - Bill is a builder and is unable to work due to breaking his leg whilst playing. His loss of earnings (not including sick leave) can be claimed under this section of the policy.

Step 1 - access a current claim form from the Honan website

Step 2 - complete all relevant sections of the claim form

Step 3 - send your claim form to your nominated claims advisor ASAP

Step 4 - your claims advisor will confirm receipt of your claim

Who is covered?

Players, coaches, trainers, umpires, officials, volunteers.

What is generally covered?

Ambulance Transport
Private Hospital Accommodation

What is generally NOT covered?

Doctor’s Fees
Surgeon’s Fees
Anesthetist Fees
Public Hospital Costs
MRI Scans

You can’t claim if you...

Play against medical advice.
Have a preexisting injury.
Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Are involved in a criminal act.
Have a pre-existing illness of disease (i.e cancer, heart condition)

Quick Note

MRI scans are generally claimable through Medicare, however sometimes the referrer and/or provider is not registered with Medicare. In this case, you can claim through your Personal Accident Policy.